Trade Law for UK Asia Business

Trade Law for UK Asia Business

Across every sector, we have long been helping our clients who are UK exporters to access the Asian Markets, to establish or expand their business in China and Asia.

We also help Chinese and Asian investors and entrepreneurs, Inward Investors, to set up, invest in and import to the UK.

Along the way we have learnt from our own, first hand, experience of exporting. You can read our export story below.

Legal Advice for Exporters to Asia

China and the Asian markets continue to represent huge opportunities for ambitious UK companies. Trade between the UK and Asia will only increase in the future.

An export strategy represents a major investment in time and resources. We can guide you through the necessary legal negotiations with your Asian suppliers, agents & distributor partners.

With our team we advise on the cultural aspects of doing business in Asia, on what to expect and how to develop your strategies to grow successfully.

The Legal Partners China Partner Iris Cai has a wealth of experience in this area and our clients work closely with her when assessing the opportunity and their best route to long term success in China.

We will also help you get advice from the Department of International Trade. They have trade offices around the world and we have been working with them since 2010 when we joined their network of advisers.

So whether you are looking to establish or grow your business in Asia, to negotiate contracts with agents and distribtuors, or to be guided along a smoother path to success, we would be delighted to help. You can contact Richard Mullett or Iris Cai by email or call us on +44 (0) 203 755 5288.

Let’s make your export journey a wise and profitable one.

"I'd advise anyone wanting to do business with or within Asia to get The Legal Partners on board. These guys really know how to make it happen." - Simon Morden, Chairman, Prosell, Sales Training for Multinationals based in the UK & Singapore


Legal Advice for Investors and Importers to the UK

We are members of the UK Government Department of International Trade, Investment Support Directory (Link). We help clients invest, import and set up businesses in the UK.

We are often asked by UK clients importing from China what is the right due diligence to do to ensure that a factory will deliver the products ordered. In this article Iris Cai shares our top tips for UK clients importing goods from China.

A close team of partner lawyers in Asia

The Legal Partners are supported by a close team of partner lawyers in Singapore at Central Chambers Law Corporation (Ronnie Tan and Sara Liew and their team), Jeremy Sargent at JSA Law in Guangzhou, PRC, and in Malaysia, who share our ethos, business understanding and practical approach.

We would be pleased to set up a call with them to find out how we can all help you.

Our Export Story

Back in 2010, we also started our export journey and found great help from all our team members in Asia.

"Richard sets the standard we try to emulate at Central Chambers Law Corporation with his speed of response, pro-activity, and client care." - Ronnie Tan, MD, Central Chambers Law Corporation, Based in Singapore